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WireMock's creators have deployed API mocking in a wide variety of contexts for diverse clients over a number of years. They can provide the experience and wisdom to help your project scale gracefully as it grows.

We offer several consulting packages to suit your situation:

Jump start

If you're just getting started we can offer on-site consulting to lay the foundations of a productive test setup and skill up your team. This can include:

  • Test environment setup and performance benchmarking
  • Test project setup - we pair program with your devs and testers to ensure a clean, flexible test codebase from the outset
  • Advice and training - learn the best practices we've discovered the hard way

Tune up

For established projects that need a bit of help getting to the next level we can provide on or off-site consulting, and troubleshooting support with a guaranteed 1 business day response time.

Hot rod

We can build bespoke WireMock customisations and extensions for you to cover those cases where standard features won't cut it.

Prices from £179 per hour.

If you'd like to discuss how we can help please get in touch using the contact form, or email us at

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